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Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Takes His Talents to Asgard

As one of the Miami Heat’s Big Three, Chris Bosh has helped the team win back-to-back NBA championships. But recently, he traded his role on the court for one behind a microphone. Bosh is the voice of the all-seeing AsgardianHeimdall on the Disney XD show Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. The episode featuring Bosh airs Sunday, February 23, at 8 a.m. ET.

Watch an exclusive clip from the show, then check out our interview with Bosh from October about bringing Heimdall to life and his favorite superheroes!

chris bosh agents of smash disney xd heimdall

How did you get involved in doing a voice on a cartoon show with the Hulk?

I had been trying to get in to doing voiceovers for the past year. We reached out and were seeing if there were any openings, and this one was opening and there was a mutual interest. So we both kind of jumped at the opportunity.

Why did you want to voice work?

Only because people kept telling me I have a nice voice. I don't know if they were just trying to compliment me or if they were serious or just pulling my leg, but I just kind of listened to everyone. And I've been watching cartoons my whole life. So I thought it would be pretty cool to do some things like that.

What was the experience like, playing a character like Heimdall?

It was interesting. I mean, with Marvel Comics, you kind of have to have more of a hero-y, grunty type voice, yelling and stuff like that. And, you know, we were doing punches and fight scenes and stuff. It was fun.

Heimdall is in the Thor movies. Did you watch them to get an idea of how you should you play the character or what the character is like?

I watched bits and pieces to kind of see what he does. I had to brush up and do my research a little bit more. But, you know, it was very easy to find. I was saying before, I know a lot of comic book guys really take this stuff seriously. So I wanted to make sure I had the character down pretty good.

Are you a big superheroes or comic book guy?

I used to be. Not anymore. Of course, basketball has taken up all of my time and I'm a little older. So, you know, because of priorities, I had to put the comic books down.

What did you used to read when you were a kid?

I didn't read many. I didn't have enough money to buy comic books, I just kind of got hand-me-downs. One of the main ones I remember was Spider-Man. I remember X-Men. I really loved the X-Men. But I only had a couple of them. I didn't get them every week or anything.

Did you have a favorite superhero growing up?

I liked Wolverine a lot because I was an X-Men fanatic. So I wanted to be Wolverine. I liked the claws and the indestructibility he had.

If you could have a superpower, would that be the one you wanted, indestructibility?

I wanted to fly. I still want to fly.

Playing basketball, you dunk, you're jumping around, you're in motion a lot — does that come close?

Only in slow motion. It looks like it on film, but it doesn't feel like that when you're doing it. (laughs) Everybody asks a lot of questions, I don't jump as high, but "How does it feel to jump so high?" It's like, it's over before you know it. You're just concentrating on trying to land.

You said you watched a lot of cartoons growing up. What were some of your favorites?

I watched X-Men, of course. Spider-Man. I remember watching Ducktales, Chip 'n Dale [Rescue Rangers], Tailspin, Darkwing Duck. I watched all those guys. Pretty much anything that came on after school.

If you could say you were like a superhero, what superhero do you think you would be like?

Like right now?


I would probably say I'm like Stretch off the Fantastic Four. That's his name, right?

Mr. Fantastic, I think.

Mr. Fantastic. The stretchy dude?

The stretchy dude, yeah.

That's his name? He's Mr. Fantastic? Well, that's fitting. Mr. Fantastic. That's me.

A lot of kids look up to guys like you, athletes, and you're their heroes. Do you think athletes are like real-life superheroes?

Oh, most definitely. Athletes were superheroes when I was growing up. They're bigger, taller, stronger. You know, I understand that we're kind of like modern day giants, especially in the NBA. And everybody watches the games and we do extra-ordinary things. I definitely understand the superhero aspect. And knowing that, I try to make sure I keep that in mind, I do what I'm supposed to do, and I stay out of trouble so I can be a good example for kids and adults alike.

Photos: DISNEY XD/Todd Wawrychuk, MARVEL/DISNEY XD

chris bosh agents of smash disney xd heimdall