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The Worst Jerseys We've Ever Owned

NFL training camps get under way this week, which means the regular season is only a few weeks away.

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With football on my mind, I decided to go around the SI KIDS office and find out the worst – or funniest – football jerseys everyone owns. Some bought jerseys because of bets, some bought them out of desperation, and others were just handed them. Here’s what everyone had to say…

Duane from NJ: Peter Warrick, Cincinnati Bengals
“When Peter Warrick was a rookie, I told my best friend that if the Bengals beat the Ravens, I would wear a Warrick jersey. The Bengals did it. So I had to buy myself a Warrick jersey and wear it every Sunday for the rest of the season.”

The Brain: Kyle Boller, Baltimore Ravens
“For Ravens fan, every season P.F. (pre-Flacco) was about pinning your hopes on some offensive player and buying his jersey only to realize you should have just gone with a Ray Lewis jersey from the start. They said Boller was a sure thing, the QB of the future, the man who would finally prove that Brian Billick was an offensive genius. Now I only have a Ray Lewis jersey.”

The Fantasy Wizard: Rashaan Salaam, Chicago Bears
“It was on sale for $20 and the ’94 Heisman Trophy winner was coming off a pretty good rookie year. Although I’m a Steelers fan, I’ve always had a soft spot for Bears running backs (from Walter Payton to Neal Anderson). Really, as a football fan, it was my duty to buy this jersey.

I laugh at it now, but I still wear good ol’ Number 31 once a year when I play in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl with my family. Unfortunately, my skills are less like Salaam during his Heisman year and more like Salaam during his XFL year.”

Intern Willz: Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons
“A friend got me a Vick jersey as a Bar Mitzvah gift. I guess that person didn’t like me very much.”

Matty Two-Times: Jeremy Shockey, New York Giants
“There was a lot of hype surrounding Shockey when he came into the league and I must admit, I jumped on the bandwagon. I went out and purchased his jersey but didn’t get much mileage out of it. It could have been worse. At least I didn’t copy Shockey and get a full tattoo sleeve.”