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SI Kids Staff Predicts the 49ers Will Win Super Bowl XLVII 24-21

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We here at SI Kids wanted to do all of you a great service and let you know who would win Super Bowl XLVII. Well, we weren't all in agreement about who would win and what the score would be. So each of us went off on our own to meditate and research. We all submitted, in secret, our prediction, then we averaged the scores. When you combined everyone's picks, we found that San Francisco would win the game 24-21. Check out below who each of us picked and some insight on the game we guarantee you won't get anywhere else.


Justin T.

Ravens 28 - 21 49ers

After the game, Ray Lewis is going to cry so much that after shedding all the tears he will shrink to the size of small child.

Andrea W.

49ers 31 - 13 49ers

Colin Kaepernick pulls his hamstring while doing his own version of the Ray Lewis Dance; Alex Smith comes in, throws a career-high four touchdowns, and is named Super Bowl MVP.

Gary G.

49ers 31 - 23 Ravens

The game won't end until 3 AM Eastern Time because of Ray Lewis's 3 1/2-hour pre-game dance.

Marguerite S.

Ravens 24 - 14 49ers

The 49ers lose the game because of turnovers.

Christina T.

49ers 27 - 21 Ravens

Alex Smith returns to throw the winning TD in OT after Kaepernick is injured at the end of regulation. Sweet redemption!

Jeremy R.

49ers 28 - 24 Ravens

Beyonce will freeze up in the middle of her halftime performance and when she doesn't start singing again, scientists will admit that she was a robot all along.

Marilyn G.

Ravens 24 - 19 49ers

The commercials will be more entertaining than the game.

Kirsten S.

Ravens 21 - 14 49ers

When the Ravens win, Ray Lewis will recite the entire poem "The Raven" on national TV.

Julia M.

49ers 31 - 17 49ers

Linebacker Aldon Smith breaks his slump, inspiring the Niners D with four sacks — and Flacco can't handle the heat.

Peter M.

49ers 28 - 18 Ravens

Kaepernick caps off his whirlwind season with another impressive performance in the Super Bowl and takes home the MVP becoming only the second African American quarterback to win both.