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Peyton Manning Becomes Second QB to Throw 500 TDs

Yesterday, the Denver Broncos routed the previously undefeated Arizona Cardinals, 41-20. It was a good win for a Denver team looking to maintain its dominance in the AFC. But it was an historic day for Peyton Manning.

The 38-year-old Broncos QB threw four touchdowns, which is about right. His second one, though, was historic: It was Manning’s 500th NFL TD, making him only the second quarterback to reach that milestone.

Manning’s first touchdown of the afternoon was number 500. He tacked on three more to bring his total to 503, putting him five behind all-time leader Brett Favre, who threw 508 in his career.

“Football’s the ultimate team game. One man has to accept [the recognition,] but he has to accept it on behalf of a lot of coaches and teammates,” Manning said after the game. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am for their help and support.”

Manning threw his first touchdown on September 6, 1998. He hit 100 TDs three years later in 2001, then 200 in 2004, 300 in 2007, and 400 in 2012. It only took him two years and 26 days to go from 400 to 500 TDs, and at the pace he’s on Manning should break Favre’s record by the end of October.

And not to get too far ahead, but if he plays a couple more seasons, Manning could be the first QB in NFL history to throw 600 touchdowns.

The touchdown mark wasn’t the only milestone Manning reached against the Cardinals. He threw for 479 yards, the most he’s ever thrown in a game.

Photos: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images, Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

peyton manning denver broncos 500 touchdowns
peyton manning denver broncos 500 touchdowns