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The NFL has New Uniforms!

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Yes, the big day was yesterday. The day when Nike changed everything by unveiling the new NFL uniforms (Reebok had been making them).

And as you can see, they… look exactly the same. I asked the Gearhead what he thought. He said “Well, they have two holes to put your arms through. And another hole where your neck goes.”

So, yeah. They also look really tight. Poor NdamukongSuh looks like he’s in all kinds of pain trying to suck in his gut.

Nike says these uniforms are sleeker, faster, more aerodynamic. Right now they just look really tight. And the same. Except for the Seattle Seahawks.

Ah, the Seahawks. I think that’s pass rusher Chris Clemons standing behind Suh and Niners quarterback Alex Smith. They’ve got brand new spankin’ uniforms, and I kind of like ‘em. Here’s a closer look.

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The checkers on the numbers are a bit much, but whatever, I can deal with that. What I REALLY don’t like and ALWAYS HATED about the Seahawks uniforms is their use of neon green. You’re football players, and FOOTBALL PLAYERS DON’T WEAR NEON! It makes you look about 53% less tough.

For instance, take professional tough guy Terry Crews from the Old Spice commercials (also a former linebacker for the Rams, Chargers and Redskins in the 1990's, in case you didn’t know). On the left is a photo of Crews looking all bad. I wouldn’t mess with him. But to the right is Terry Crews but I’ve photo-shopped him wearing neon. EXACT SAME PHOTO! I SWEAR! I’m kind of a wimp, but even I think I could take Terry Crews when he wears neon!

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Anyway, what do you think about the new uniforms? And how are the Seahawks unis looking? And thoughts on neon in general? Let the world know by leaving a comment…