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Top NFL Plays of September, OYO-fied!

The first month of the 2013 NFL season is in the books — and boy was it a weird one. The Steelers and Giants are winless, the Chiefs are undefeated, and 37-year-old Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is playing like he's in his 20s. Among those big storylines were some big plays, which we're going to immortalize with OYO recreations!

Last season, we OYO-ified the biggest play of Super Bowl XLVII. This year, SI Kids and OYOSportstoys will present a new video every month highlighting the best NFL plays of the previous month. (We will also OYO-recap the baseball playoffs starting with the ALCS and NLCS.) First up: The top three plays of September.

We want to hear from you! Tell us in the comments section what plays from October you think should be recreated with OYO pieces. If we pick yours, we'll give you a shoutout in the next video!

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