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NFL Draft Breakdown with Keyshawn Johnson

The 2009 NFL Draft is just over a week away... and I have no idea who's going to be picked where! Fortunately, I know a certain former-Pro-Bowl-wide-receiver-turned-analyst that does: Keyshawn Johnson! Keep reading as Keyshawn reveals the sleeper pick of this year's draft, the best rookie quarterback on the market, and more! 

Keyshawn Johnson: It’s a good year.It’s a good year, there’s some challenging guys out there.The intrigue factor isn’t there yet… Well I guess you have it with that [offensive lineman] at Alabama.Every year there’s this guy who could potentially be a big problem, in a good way, when he gets to the league.I think it may be him this year.

KJ: He’s not what I’m looking for.

KJ: But you never pass on a franchise quarterback.So if you believe any of these quarterbacks are franchise guys, then you take them first. Have to.

KJ: You know I’m a little biased.I like Mark Sanchez because I’ve seen more of him.I think he’s a kid that’s fiery, he’s very protective of the ball, he’s mobile, got a strong arm, makes some gutsy throws.And I think that he’s from a different level of program from the quarterback from Georgia, Matthew Stafford.When was the last time a Georgia quarterback was even drafted?

KJ: I personally think that he’s ready. He can move around in the pocket, and that speaks volumes in my opinion. He has the ability to do certain things outside the pocket, in the pocket.Just because you only play 16, 18 games in college doesn’t make you not ready.

KJ: It’s speculation.I played against guys that had the highest speed marks every single year. And they’re all bums. I see it all the time. They end up being bums.

KJ: First of all I’m looking at characters.I’m gonna look at his character and I’m also going to see if he loves football. If he wants to be a football player. And what that person is into when he’s off the field. You know, if his interest is trying to be a rapper, I don’t have time to be dealing with you on my team.You’ve got to love football, first and foremost. And you’ve got to be tough.

Be sure to check back in following the NFL Draft, when Keyshawn gives his opinions on all the first round selections!