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The NEW Detroit Lions Logo!

The Detroit Lions haven’t been the most news-worthy franchise since…

…Barry Sanders retired?

They have been making headlines of late, however, after rumors surfaced suggesting the Lions would debut a new team logo during the 2009 NFL Draft.

Only problem was, the Lions were being super-secretive about the whole deal. Which kinda stunk. But then something awesome happened...

 Thanks to some kind of scheduling glitch, put a truck up for sale on its website yesterday. And it had the new logo plastered all over it! The truck was MIA by the end of the day, but by then I'd already snatched a pic. So much for secrets!

First impressions? Enh… They added some streaks to the original silhoutte, but otherwise it really wasn’t worth all the spy-vs.-spy-type secrecy.

What do you guys think?

PS – The Barry Sanders thing was a joke. The Lions made plenty of headlines back when they fired Matt Millen.