The Buttfumble. In OYO Bricks. 'Nuff Said!

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It's Thanksgiving in America, and that means family, turkey, and football! But before we get to this year's gridiron feast, let's all take a moment to remember one of the most legendary plays in Thanksgiving football history.

It was Thanksgiving 2012. The New York Jets vs. the New England Patriots. It's the second quarter and the Jets are down 14-0. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is trying to get his team back on track when it happened. The Buttfumble. Sanchez took the snap, the play collapsed, and, what happened next immedately became the stuff of legend.

You've seen the replays and the gifs, now experience the play in glorious OYO bricks!

There are three games on the schedule today -- Detroit hosts Green Bay at 12:30, followed by Dallas takes on Oakland at 4:30, and wrapping up the day is Baltimore-Pittsburgh at 8:30. That's a lot of football, and we should all hope there's a play like last season's Buttfumble to talk about this year!

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