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Video Game Soccer in Real Life

Earlier today we gave you a look at the cover for FIFA 15. But it was a busy weekend for EA Sports, and they had more up their sleeve than just a simple announcement.

The FIFA series bills itself as the most realistic soccer/football game you can buy. But YouTube power user and Electronic Arts employee Marius Hjerpseth wanted to know just how the game stacks up to the real thing. So he enlisted the help of his co-workers, hit the pitch at EA Sports HQ in Vancouver, and filmed the game. Then he edited the footage as if it were a game from the FIFA series.

The result is wild, and a little bonkers:

Best day of work EVER.

Marius talked to the Norwegian website FIFA Samfunnet about how the video came together. It's a pretty cool story, which you can read in English thanks to Google Translate.

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