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Stop Hey, What’s That Sound?

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Hey there soccer fans! Who besides me is super psyched that the World Cup is underway?

I’ll be blogging throughout the month long tournament but I wanted to start off by clearing up one thing.

That constant buzzing sound you’re hearing is NOT your TV. So stop leaving angry messages for your cable company. It’s also not your ears, so cancel that appointment you made with your doctor.

The buzz is coming to you courtesy of African horns known as vuvuzelas. They’re plastic horns, about three feet long and you should be prepared to hear them all tournament long.

FIFA wanted to ban vuvuzelas during the World Cup 2010 but the South African Football Association argued that they were essential for an authentic South African football experience, and FIFA decided to drop the ban.

One cool fact is that during the 2010 World Cup you will hear the largest working vuvuzela in the world (114 feet long). The vuvuzela is powered by several air horns attached to a mouthpiece and it will be blown at the beginning of each of the World Cup Matches.

If you want a horn of your own check with your parents and head to