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Soccer Academy Is Now In Session!

soccer academy

It's time to hit the pitch with Sergio, Luka, Soul, Yanis, Niko, and the rest of the kids of Soccer Academy!

Presented by SI Kids and Magnet Media, Soccer Academy is an intense five-part series starring some of the best child players from New York's BlausWeissGotschee. From all-day practice to a rivalry game with the Brooklyn Italians, Soccer Academy takes you inside the game and the lives of the players, their parents, and coaches.

You can watch all five episodes of Soccer Academy right now! Check them out below and experience all the highs and lows of a season in the high-pressure world of youth soccer.

Game on!

Episode 1: Meet the Team

Episode 2: Game Time

Episode 3: Win or Lose

Episode 4: Getting Focused

Episode 5: The Cup Game

What did you think of Soccer Academy? Let us know in the comments section below!