MLS Introduces New Team, Logo

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All you Philadelphia sports fans worn out by wearying efforts from the Eagles and Flyers are in luck; the city of Brotherly Love has a new team to cheer/jeer! Yay!

Yesterday, Major League Soccer unveiled its newest franchise, the Philadelphia Union.

MLS also unveiled the team’s new logo… which is how this became a GearHead post...

First impression? Cool! Not only does the logo look good, but its littered with all sorts of tributes to American History. For example, the crest is surrounded by 13 stars (a tribute to the original Thirteen Colonies that eventually led to the formation of the United States of America), and the rattlesnake in the middle of the logo was initially used back in the days of our forefathers to symbolize colonial unitiy. It’s like a high-fashion history lesson, lol.

Now, if only the Union can play as good as their logo looks… ☺