Brazilian Soccer Star Marta Talks to SI Kids!

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It’s probably hard to find a bigger fan of the World Cup than Marta. The best female soccer player in the World, she leads the WPS in goals, has her new team FC Gold Pride in first place and still finds time to sit down and watch as much World Cup action as she can. SI Kids caught up with Marta at PUMA City NY right before the Italy/Paraguay match yesterday. Read on to see how she feels about two teams, FC Gold Pride and Brazil.

Image placeholder title How’s it going on your new team and in your new city?
Everything is going really well. I was really well received when I came and the team brought me in with a lot of warmth. The best part is that we’re working hard and it’s showing. Hopefully we’ll keep getting better.

How would you rate your chance of winning the championship?
All the teams in the league are strong. My team, we have a really good chance.

Do you think WPS is doing a good job of promoting women’s soccer in the US?
The league has a big responsibility and so far they are doing a good job. They’re getting really good players, a good mix of national and international players and everyone is working to play really well.

Are you watching the World Cup games?
I’ve been trying to watch most of the games however I have practice and games. But I am really trying, especially to watch Brazil’s games.

Brazil’s first game is today against North Korea, are you nervous?
I’m a little nervous. Their group is really strong, stronger than the other ones. But of all the teams the one I think with the least chance of making it out is North Korea and we play them first so we will know a lot more after that match.

Do you talk to the players on the national team while they’re at the tournament?
Not really. I do talk to them but not while they’re in South Africa. But I will when they get back home.

How badly do you want them to win it all this year?
It’s very important. Mainly because of Italy. They have four World Cups and we have five. If we win and get a sixth we’ll have more space between us but if they win we’ll be tied with five. And we really want to stay ahead of them.

Now that you also play in the US, will you root for them too?
Yes. When they played against England I rooted for them. As long as they’re not playing against Brazil. If they do, sorry.

Are the other players on FC Gold Pride as excited as you are?
On my team everyone is excited and we all try to watch as many games as we can. Everyone defends their team. So the French players root for France and the Americans root for the US.

If Brazil wins, will you buy your team dinner?
Yes, I will buy dinner for everybody!