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Get to Know brazuca, the 2014 World Cup Match Ball

World Cup draw week continues with the debut of the official 2014 FIFA World Cup match ball. The ball is called brazuca and was designed by adidas. The company released the first images of the ball yesterday.

You might be asking what "brazuca" means and why the ball is called that. Well, in September 2012 one million Brazilian football fans voted on what to name the official match ball. Nearly 78 percent of the vote was for "brazuca," which is an informal term that means "Brazilian" and describes the Brazilian way of life.

The Football Hardware team at adidas spent two and a half years developing brazuca. It was designed to reflect Brazil, so the colors on the ball come from the Brazilian flag, as well as the official logo of the 2014 World Cup. The stars reflect the flag as well as Brazil's past World Cup titles. And the overall design was taken from wristbands Brazilians wear.

In terms of it's quality as a match ball, brazuca is the company's most tested ball ever, according to Matthias Mecking, Business Unite Director, adidas Football Hardware. They worked with 600 players on 30 pro and national teams in 10 countries to make sure the ball was good enough for the World Cup. 

"Brazuca combines the best technology from the popular Tango 12 and UEFA Champions League balls, as well as a groundbreaking six-panel design, which improves symmetry, uniformity and efficiency," Mecking says. "The new design elements boost performances on the pitch but also simplifies manufacturing and improves quality."

Take a closer look at the ball in this adidas spot, also released yesterday:

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Photos courtesy adidas

brazuca world cup 2014 match ball
brazuca world cup 2014 match ball