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Healthy Change Contest Winner

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The Healthy Change Contest asked kids to share their big ideas to make their schools a healthier place. The winning entry was submitted by Andrew, age 12, from Wisconsin.

Here's Andrew's winning idea:

We currently have our lunch set up where the whole class comes into the lunch room at the same time - 4 hours after the start of the school day. We are supposed to eat our lunch and "if we are good" go outside to have a few minutes for recess. I have noticed a few things. 1. We can be loud in the lunch room 2. Kids eat fast and slow. 3. We do not always go out for lunch. 4. If the weather is bad, we are asked to stay at the table until lunch is over. 

I would like to propose that we go out for recess first to get our energy out. This will still allow for enough time to eat. I have also noticed that if the weather is bad, the gym is open. We started a run club this year and have made a path that is not being used as much as we would like. Recess first would mean we could run every day. Eating second would mean we would eat better.

Congratulations, Andrew! His prize was a $500 gift card provided by SAP. Make sure to keep reading Sports Illustrated Kids and for more great contests!

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