Zoom LeBron VI - MVP Edition

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If you were watching last night's Cavaliers-Hawks game, you might've noticed the extra-beastly sneakers LeBron James chose to wear while dismantling Atlanta. I sure did. In fact, I was so smitten by LeBron's new shoes, the first thing I did this morning when I arrived for work (after spraying Professor Ulane's chair with Streamer String) was send out a few emails to learn more about them.

Here's the deal: this is a modified version of the Zoom LeBron VI. Nike designed the new edition of the sneaker as a tribute to King James' MVP Award-winning 2008-09 season; in addition to boasting an all-new color pattern, it features graphical salutes to both his Most Valuable Player Award and his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

But that's not all. Nike has also rolled out an MVP version of LeBron's popular "Witness" t-shirt, which you can see below.

Good news? The t-shirt is already available online, so all you witnesses can scoop one up right this minute if you'd like.

Bad news? You won't be able to complete the set until the sneakers are released on May 30th.

These are so awesome, I'm willing to wait for my pair.

The Witness MVP t-shirt retails for $30, and is available on nike.com

The MVP edition of the Zoom LeBron VI has a suggested retail price of $150, and will be available for purchase May 30th.

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