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Zepp Training Center Puts Pros in Your Pocket

We’ve written about Zepp Labs and its neat sensor that attaches to all sorts of sports equipment before. But today the company launches a major refresh of its app which makes it a way more powerful training tool.

The Zepp sensor can be attached to a tennis racquet and golf glove, but my personal favorite use is on the bottom of a baseball (or softball) bat. The sensor gives you instant feedback on things like bat speed and attack angle, as well as metrics on your stance and followthrough at the plate. All that data is collected and sent to the Zepp Baseball app, which you can then use to target areas of your game to work on.

That core functionality remains in the updated app. But the new Zepp Training Center allows you to compare your swing and stance to some big-name superstars, like Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, David Ortiz, and Hunter Pence. Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, you can record your swing then play it back side-by-side with a plate appearance by a growing roster of pros. Even better, the training center comes loaded with tips and drills videos from those pros. It’s like having Mike Trout right there with you on the practice field!

“When I was growing up I tried to develop my hitting style watching video of Derek Jeter. But I was just swinging, I didn’t know if I was doing something right or wrong,” Trout said. “But now, using Zepp, young players are going to be able to accelerate their learning so much faster. I wish I had Zepp Baseball when I was a kid.”

The Zepp Training Center is the first in a planned wave of new content, and it’s available for both Zepp Baseball and Zepp Golf. But the best part is it’s free. You’ll need the Zepp sensor to get the most out of the app — it costs $149.99 and is available at or in Best Buy, Apple, and Verizon stores — but it costs nothing to download the app and access the video content.

Here’s a short promo video to give you a better idea of how the Training Center works:

Visit the Zepp website for more information on the sensor and to download the app.

Photos courtesy Zepp Labs

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zepp labs baseball training center
zepp labs baseball training center
zepp labs baseball training center