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Under Armour Micro G Black Ice

The start of the 2010 NBA season is only a couple months away... which is still waaay to far off for my taste (CAN'T WAIT!). But here's a little something to tide my fellow hoop-heads over until things tip-off.

See the sneaks to the right? They're called the Under Armour Micro G Black Ice; they're also the kicks Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings will wear when he suits up for the new season...

GearHead verdict? Thumbs up! Patent-leather on the lower-half of a basketball sneaker is almost never a bad idea, and I like how the new toe-strap seperates the sneaker's shiny lower-half from its suede heel and upper. 

What do you guys think? Be sure to drop a comment and weigh in!

Oh, and be sure to tune back in next week. I've got lots of NBA-related goodies to share.

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