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Sneak Peek: Jordan Winterized Spiz'ike

Team Jordan gave a small group of editors an early look at its Holiday sneaker/apparel lineup late last month, and your's truly was among those lucky enough to be invited...

Sick, right? I KNOW! Anways...

For a kick-junkie like me, events like this often result in sensory overload. There's so much goodness to see at every turn, that, after a few minutes, my brain stops trying to process which styles are hot (and which aren't) and I just start grinning like a goof on Christmas morning.

Who else grinned like a goof on Christmas morning? You know what I'm talking about! You asked for the new Nintendo, you wake up Christmas morning, and there's a Nintendo-sized box covered in granny-apple-green metallo wrap sitting right at the front of the tree? Yeeeaaaah, you grinned like a goof when you saw that box. Admit it...

It normally takes me a few weeks after the event takes place to digest everything I've seen and put together a write-up... which is why it's August and I'm just getting to this post. But, after lengthy consideration, there were a handful of soon-to-be-released styles that stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. And since the folks over at Team Jordan were nice enough to hook me up with a CD and pic-book of all the wares, I figured, "why not share?"

Actually... there's ONE item that I'm not allowed to share with you (trust me... IT'S AWESOME!). Yet. But Team Jordan promised I'd be one of the first to get pics when the Top Secret project was finally unveiled, so sit tight. I got you!

Here's one of my fave's from the showcase. They're called the Jordan Winterized Spiz'ike Boot. And, for any of you who've had a pair of sneakers ruined by winter weather, you should already know why they're awesome. If you don't know, it's simple: these are essentially sneakers, but they're built like boots! See the raised heels and thick outer-material at the bottom of the shoe? It means that when these are released you'll be able to wear a pair of Jordans in a blizzard, and they'll still look like a pair of Jordans afterward. How cool is that?

These aren't due in stores for a couple more months, but you can see more pics of what's headed your way below. CLICK HERE to let me know what you think of them.

Oh, and be sure to stay tuned to this space; I'm not done unveiling sneaks from Jordan's Holiday showcase just yet. :)

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