Reebok ATV19: A Rugged Runner for Every Condition

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Now that it's the fall, and the weather gets a little unpredictable (warm and sunny one day, freezing rain the next), keeping up with an outdoor exercise routine — especially if you're a runner — can be tough. Reebok's ATV19 makes life easier. 

The shoe is light and comfortable and supportive, as any good running shoe should be. And it's constructed to be durable, no matter what you run it through. But it's the sole that's really something. Take a look at the bottom of the ATV19 and you'll find 19 irregular lugs designed to give you unreal traction through all types of terrain and conditions. Dry and sandy? Wet and muddy? No problem.

Reebok debuted new colorways of the ATV19 this month, giving you a little more flash while out for your run. Check them out below, and head to Reebok's website to learn more about the shoe.

Photos courtesy Reebok

reebok atv19 colorway blue
reebok atv19 colorway sole
reebok atv19 colorway gray
reebok atv19 colorway orange