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The Mad Clima College

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When’s March Madness start? Sorry, as much as I love basketball, there are just way too many “totally-greatest-tournament-in-history” moments associated with college hoops in early March for me to keep track. “Awesome baby,” you say? I say “Wake me up when this year’s version of Stephen Curry is raining jumpers from waaay back where the scorekeeper sits.” In the meantime, I’m much more interested in some of the fashion statements that will be made during March Madness. Like these sneakers!

You like? Well, to celebrate March Madness, Adidas recruited some of its biggest preps-to-pros stars to pay tribute to three of the biggest, most-storied franchises in all of college basketball: Louisville, UCLA and Kansas. They also commissioned their super-secret team of sneaker scientists (three times fast!), and tasked them with crafting customized March Madness-ready kix for the three schools. The kix you can see here. As for the preps-to-pros tributes… be patient! I should have some cool videos for you guys soon.

The Mad Clima College retails for $80, and can be found on

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