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Klay Thompson Partners with ShotTracker for Virtual Basketball Camp

Back in December, we told you about ShotTracker, a cool system of sensors that gives players valuable intel on their basketball skills and an app that develops drills to improve them. What made the tech stand out was that it also allowed coaches to access that data to tailor workouts and practices to maximize every player's needs.

Now, there's an NBA superstar in the mix, too.

Today, ShotTracker announced that Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson has partnered with the company. Thompson will now help the company create new products and improve what's being developed by using the technology himself.

"Repetition, accountability, and confidence make great shooters, and ShotTracker delivers all three," Thompson says. "[It's] a huge innovation for the sport of basketball, and I am really excited about my long-term partnership with this game-changing company."

Kicking things off is the Klay Thompson Virtual Basketball Camp, which runs June 21-28. The "world's first virtual basketball camp" is built around workouts developed by Thompson and his trainer, which are sent directly to participants through the ShotTracker Player App. Players can check their stats against Thompson and other ShotTracker users, and Thompson will encourage and challenge camp-goers as things progress.

Thompson explains what to expect from the camp — and why you should sign up — in this short clip:

If you want to take part in the Klay Thompson Virtual Basketball Camp, you'll need the ShotTracker gear and a mobile device running iOS or Android software. (The ShotTracker Package, which includes both sensors, costs $149.99.) You can find more information on the camp as well as how to sign up at

Photos courtesy ShotTracker

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