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Junk Dunk by Gabriel Dishaw

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Normally, The GearHead specializes in showcasing goodies that you can actually wear/play/antagonize a baby brother with.

But, thanks to Gabriel Dishaw, we're making an exception. For the first time in GearHead history, I'm dedicating a post to... junk!

Y'see... Dishaw's a junk sculptor: he takes stuff like discarded glass, metal, and other non-smelly throwaways, and uses it to create fine art.

Like the sneakers you see here.

It's called a "Junk Dunk", it weighs about five pounds, and it took Dishaw about a week to build. It's also one-of-a-kind (you can never buy a pair; sorry!), and completely unwearable. Unless the idea of sliding your toes into 9 1/2-feet-worth of razor sharp metal sounds appealing.

Didn't think so.

See below for more pics of the Junk Dunk. And remember: the next time mom tells you to clean your room, show her this post and say, "I can't. I'm building a sneaker!" 

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