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Holiday Wish List: The Question

Hey guys! To get all of you ready for gift-giving season, this month's GearHead posts will be dedicated to showcasing the hottest toys of the holidays! Every day (or every other day, if The Wiz does something that I need to make fun of him for), I'll be showcasing a different gadget, sneaker, game, gear item or piece of apparel. So, if you're struggling to put the finishing touches on your wish lists, just keep it tuned here and let your's truly do all the heavy lifting!

Allen Iverson ended the shortest retirement in NBA history earlier today, returning to the team he began his career with, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Reebok, makers of AI's signature sneaker line, decided to capitalize on #3's historic flip-flop by rolling out the kicks Allen began his pro career in, The Question.

And while only time will tell whether Iverson's decision to return (after fairly unsuccessful stints in Detroit and Memphis) was a wise move, your's truly is willing to go on the record right this minute with a verdict regarding Reebok's re-release...

In a word (or maybe two)... AWESOME!

The Question is the best sneaker ever produced during the AI/RBK union, so any time they go back on store shelves is cause for celebration, imo. The onnnnnnnnnly drawback this time is that (drumroll)... Reebok is only releasing the white/red colorways, and only in limited quantities. So if you're looking for a pair, look quickly (I'd start at! Lol.

PS - AI will be wearing The Questions when he makes his (second) Philly debut on Monday night against another of his former teams, the Denver Nuggets.

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