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The Air Jordan 2010

Last week, the Air Jordan 2010 was revealed in Miami to a select group of journalists (including your's truly... don't believe me? Check me out on Twitter, @sik_duanefromnj, and see for yourself!).

Seriously. Do I need to say anything else? Air Jordans = :). The end.


Enh???... still here?

Well... for those of you who want to know more... there are two new features from this year's model worth mentioning above all others...

#1). Sneakers with window-speakers? Yep.

The see-through paneling in this year's Air Jordan is meant to represent Michael Jordan's ability to "see through an opponent, while only revealing the parts of his game he wanted to." Originally, MJ wanted the entire shoe to be see-through... but that didn't work out so well. It's ok though! As my friend Miki said, now it looks like "Jordans come with built-in speakers". Sneakers with speakers (even if they're not really speakers) = five-star kicks.

And speaking of =...

#2). Dwyane Wade = Michael Jordan

Maybe not in terms of individual talent. Or even championship rings. But when it comes to Air Jordan sneakers, #3 is the new #23. Wade was personally chosen by MJ to join the Jordan Brand family earlier this year. However, unlike other JB representatives such as Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony -- who were given their own signature Jumpman shoe upon signing up -- Wade was chosen to be the new face of of the brand's flahship footie, the Air Jordan! It's a job previously held by Mike, and...


...that's it.

That's a news-worthy item, no?

See below for more picks of the AJ 2010. And stay tuned here! We'll have more info on the sneaker as it arrives.

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