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Pass the Syrup, Please!

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Some artists paint on canvas. Others sculpt with clay. Nathan Shields… cooks pancakes?

Shields has become an Internet sensation thanks to his incredible, edible art. He cooks flapjacks to look like famous people and images by dispensing the batter with a squeeze bottle, laying down the darker portions first (since they have to cook longer).

His latest creations include pancakes made to resemble all 32 NFL logos. Which is perfect for all those Pro Bowl parties happening this weekend...

Want to learn how to make your own NFL logo flapjacks? We have some videos that demonstrate how Nathan cooks up his creations — and how difficult it really is.

Here he is at work creating the Pittsburgh Steelers' logo:

Hypocycloids never looked so delicious!

And here's Nathan flipping up the Kansas City Chiefs' arrowhead logo:

You can find way more pancake creations — football-related and not — on Nathan's website, Saipancakes.

Photos courtesy Nathan Shields

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