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13 for '13: Manziel, Nix, Bridgewater — The Superstars to Watch

As we get ready to kickoff the 2013 college football season, we look at the game-changers, playmakers, and leaders who will likely have a major impact on their teams. And at the top of this list is last year's Heisman winner, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Of course, Johnny Football isn't the only superstar in college football today. Louisville, Ohio State, and Georgia all have stud QBs, too. Notre Dame and Alabama have beasts on defense. And USC, Clemson, and Baylor have offensive weapons that can dictate the tone of every game.

But college football is a big world, and a lot of players are part of it. So you tell us: Who are the college football superstars that will dominate the 2013 season?

Check out the slideshow of our picks for the top 13 stars in college football. Then come back here and tell us who we left off the list and why we should watch them in 2013!

Photo: Greg Nelson for Sports Illustrated

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