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Yankee Stadium: Lameness has a New Home

What we've learned about the New Yankee Stadium: It's great for anyone who hates baseball and loves flushing money down the toilet.

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What a joke this place is.

All week, anyone watching a Yankees game on TV had to suffer through the cheese-ball "Oooo, look at the neat restaurants in here..." segments the Yankees network was throwing in our faces. Judging from those, Yankee fans are more excited about sitting in a restaurant far away from the action and paying $23 for a subpar burger and fries than they are about, you know, ACTUALLY WATCHING A BASEBALL GAME!

Of course, the quality of play on the field doesn't warrant much excitement. Remember how dumb it was when Colorado opened their new park and every feebly hit fly ball turned into a home run? The Rockies may have corrected that problem with their humidor. But the Yankees are bringing bush league baseball back. Everything seemed to be flying into the seats last week. How bad did it get? That was Cody Ransom -- yes, Cody Ransom -- breaking his bat, yet hitting the ball 300 feet for a double!

Essentially, baseball's richest team took hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money from hard-working New Yorkers to build an inferior version of the wonderful stadium they already had. So sorry announcer Michael Kay. A month from now no one will remember or care who got the first hit, or who hit the first home run, or who fouled off the first curveball, or who had the first sneeze, or who chewed the first piece of gum, or who used the first urinal at baseball's worst stadium.

Shame on the Yankees for building this eyesore.