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President Obama Celebrates the Red Sox Have at the White House

Yesterday afternoon, the Boston Red Sox stopped by the White House to celebrate their 2013 World Series title with President Barack Obama. It was the team's third White House visit as world champs in 10 years. And some of Boston's lineup decided to have with it.

Johnny Gomes made good on his promise to wear the most patriotic suit ever. While the rest of the Sox dressed in sharp business suits, Gomes wore white pants and sport coat that looked like the American flag. And David Ortiz took the opportunity to capture the moment in a special way. After he presented Obama with a Red Sox jersey, Big Papi pulled out his phone and snapped a selfie with the President.

Obama also had some fun with the Sox, noting the serious lack of beards among the lineup. "I thought I invited the Red Sox here today, but there must be a mistake because I don’t recognize all these clean-shaven guys," he said.

But the President got serious when congratulating the team on its 2013 season. Not only did the Red Sox bring a World Series title to Boston, they lifted the spirits of a city reeling after the Boston Marathon bombing. "Obviously, all the wins were sweet for Red Sox fans, but I think for the nation as a whole there was something about this particular squad that was special and will go down in history," Obama said. "Not just not just because they went from worst to first, but because they symbolized the grit and the resilience of one of America’s iconic cities during one of its most difficult moments."

Obama added that he was proud of the Red Sox for that they accomplished in 2013, both on and off the field. "As a baseball fan, I appreciate their comeback season," he said. "But more importantly, as President, I’m grateful for their character and their embrace of the essential role they played in the spirit of that city."

The President concluded his speech by congratulating the team one more time — and leaving things on a light-hearted note. Obama is a Chicago White Sox fan and couldn't help hinting that he hopes his team will be here next year. "Good luck this season," he said. "May the best Sox win."

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Photos: Win McNamee/Getty Images, AP Photo/Carolyn Kaste