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A New Low for the Pittsburgh Pirates

It's a question that has been asked since the beginning of time. Who would win in an ocean battle: a manatee (also known as the "sea cow") or a pirate? On Thursday, we got our answer: a manatee!

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That's right, a team of manatees from Manatee Community College defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-4 in a baseball game on Thursday.

However, the Pirates were at a real disadvantage here. I'm guessing that the game had to be played underwater, with the Pirates players in scuba gear. Those are just tough conditions to play under no matter who you...

Hang on a second, Sarah "The Brain" Braunstein is telling me something...

Okay, so the Pirates didn't lose to a team of manatees. And apparently Manatee Community College is not a school that educates young manatees who hope to one day attend the prestigious Manatee University, as I thought it was. It's a human school. Geez, that's much worse for the Pirates.

Apparently, the Manatee Community College Lancers are currently 28-12-1 this season, finished second among junior colleges in the state of Florida last season, and have produced such major leaguers as 80s era Houston Astros slugger (and Baltimore Orioles bust) Glenn Davis (in that picture, he's the dude in the mustache rooting for the manatees).

So a Pirates split-squad, made up of some big leaguers and some high-level minor leaguers, lost to a bunch of college kids. Yikes.

Pittsburgh is sure to have their share of losses this season. But today's spring training loss might end up being the worst.