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Chewbacca Throws Out First Pitch on Cardinals Star Wars Night

Earlier this season, major and minor league baseball teams around the country held a bunch of Star Wars-themed nights at their ballparks. But since you can never have enough Star Wars baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals hosted their own intergalactic party at Busch Stadium last night.

Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Stormtroopers, and whole lot of other famous faces from a galaxy far, far away made the Kesel Run to St. Louis to be part of the event. And fans came dressed as their favorite characters from the Star Wars saga. Even the Cards' mascot, Freebird, got in on the act, donning Jedi robes to become Obi-Wan Frednobi. There was also a special ticket that got you a cool R2-D2 t-shirt and helped benefit the charity Stand Up to Cancer.

The Star Wars party lasted throughout St. Louis' game against the Pittsburgh Pirates (which ended in a 5-2 STL victory), but the highlight was Chewbacca taking the mound for the first pitch:

Not a bad arm for an aging Wookie!

Photos: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images (Chewbacca), Tumblr (characters in stands)

chewbacca star wars st. louis cardinals
chewbacca star wars st. louis cardinals