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SABR 45: Chicago Baseball History Walking Tour

I am currently in Chicago covering the annual SABR National Convention, SABR 45. The actual panels and presentations begin today, but because it is in Chicago, a huge baseball town, there is always something to do that is related to baseball. So, yesterday, I went on a baseball history walking tour that stretched a course of two miles of the Windy City. The tour was especially great because it was led by SABR's Web Content Editor/Producer and baseball author Jacob Pomreke, who just last week published Scandal on the South Side, a new book about the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal. He was just the right guy to show us around this town from a baseball perspective. 

This walking tour was a great way to start the convention, but was obviously just a little taste of what is soon to come in this great baseball town. There’s so much local and national baseball history in this city.

Click the image below to check out a slideshow of the places we visited and their importance in baseball history!

Max Mannis is a special correspondent for and a member of SABR. Check out his contributor page to catch up with his past stories on baseball and SABR events. 

Photos courtesy Max Mannis

max mannis sabr 45 chicago walking tour
max mannis sabr 45 chicago walking tour