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Adrian “Don’t Touch My Head” Beltre Plays Duck-Duck-Goose

Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is all about celebrating with teammates after a big play. Give him a high-five. Fist-bump away. But DO NOT touch his head. Ever. He hates it so much, that his fellow Rangers — and even players on other teams — try to pat his dome just to be funny. But he doesn’t like it. At all.

Which makes the idea of Beltre playing duck-duck-goose with a bunch of elementary school kids so much fun. The Rangers released a video today promoting the team that hints at the hijinks. It needs to be a much, much longer clip:

Ah well, it’s a fun spot all the same. I just hope young Rangers fans don’t get any ideas about reaching out for Beltre’s noggin…….

Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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