A Baseball Season in Tweets

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Every MLB season is a big one. But the 2014 campaign has been especially exciting: No-hitters all over the place. A crazy amount of crazy opening pitches. And, of course, the Derek Jeter Retirement Tour. And a good way to gauge just want moments connected with fans the most is to look at social media.

Our friends at Spredfast recently shared a chart with us tracking Baseball Chatter on Twitter from March through the middle of August. It’s an interesting look at what generated the most chatter online, from the start of the season in Australia to Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter to Jeter’s last All-Star Game.

Here’s the chart. Click on it to open a larger version:

Honestly, the most surprising spike is the one for the MLB Draft. Sure the Astros selected a high school kid with the top pick (then failed to sign him), but baseball’s draft is usually a distant fourth behind the NFL, NBA, and NHL drafts. But it’ll be interesting to revisit this chart at the end of the season. The World Series will certainly be a huge peak, as will Jeter’s last game.

Photo: Carlos Osorio/AP Photo

mlb 2014 tweets
mlb 2014 tweets