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An All-Star All-Shark MLB Squad for Shark Week

Yesterday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Pirates won their fifth straight and currently hold the best record in baseball. The Buccos’ bullpen, which has fueled the team’s success this season, is called the Shark Tank because of their fierce competitiveness and killer instinct.

"When the [bullpen] gate opens, you smell blood, just like a shark," explains lefthander Tony Watson. "You're going out there to attack hitters, be aggressive. That kind of symbolizes the way sharks are in the water.”

The sharks from Pittsburgh have been making opposing teams scared to enter the batter box all season. But it can’t be a coincidence that the team’s recent win streak happened during Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week, right?

With all this shark talk, we got to thinking: What would a baseball team made up entirely of sharks look like? Wonder no more! We scout some of the world’s most feared creatures for positions on what would be a field of screams!

Pitcher – Great White Shark

The great white owns the sea, and as a pitcher he would be the ace of the rotation. Being the most dangerous and powerful of sharks, he can strike (you out) of nowhere.

Catcher – Tiger Shark

The tiger shark could sneak up on you when you least expect. Being another dangerous threat, he’s got a lot of bite when it comes to defending home plate.

First Base – Thresher Shark

Being one of the larger and more acrobatic sharks, the thresher shark would be able use its range to chomp down balls coming at him. If you make it mad, though, it may come thrashing your way.

Second Base – Sawshark

The sawshark’s huge snout will definitely come in handy when runners are caught between bases, providing extra length to tag them out – or saw you to pieces.

Shortstop – Silky Shark

The silky shark would sink his teeth into every play at shortstop. Driven by instincts, it could sense the ball from a mile away and be a silky smooth playmaker.

Third Base – Leopard Shark

The leopard shark could surely lure attention away from the other team with its flashy spots. Like its feline friend, its quick cat-like abilities could provide clutch outs.

Left Field – Whale Shark

As the biggest shark in the ocean, this gentle giant isn’t the fastest guy on the team. But its size would be a huge asset tracking long fly balls.

Right Field – Blue Shark

This shark surely makes other teams feel blue. Its great speed and athleticism would be perfect for snatching fly balls. But make sure you call your catch: With its amazing strength, it may clamp down and bite off more than it can chew.

Center Fielder – Mako Shark

This speed demon is the fastest shark in the world, making him perfect for covering a majority of the outfield. His motto is, “Just keep swimming.”

Designated Hitter – Hammerhead Shark

Stop, hammerhead time. These guys would definitely be aggressive at bat – and they could really hammer it home in clutch situations.

How'd we do? What sharks should be on this fearsome baseball team? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos: Hermanus Backpackers, Mike Davison, STEFAN SAUER/AFP/Getty Images, Petter Lindgren, Jerry Frausto, Alex Chernikh, Brian Gratwicke, Marcel Ekkel, Mark Conlin/NMFS, Richard Herrmann—Visuals Unlimited/Getty Images, Barry Peters

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