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Major League Baseball Announces First Play Ball Weekend


If you’re a kid who plays baseball -- or if you’re a kid who has watched baseball and thought about playing it -- Major League Baseball has a weekend just for you.

Today, MLB announced the first Play Ball Weekend will take place this Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15, at ballparks across the country. All 30 teams are involved with events scheduled to get kids excited about watching -- and especially playing -- baseball and softball.

MLB clubs will host youth team parades, baseball cap exchanges with players, and various community events. Some teams will have unique programs, too. In Kansas City, for example, the Royals are hosting a youth-team press conference with pro players. And in Los Angeles, members of the Dodgers are hitting the beach for a game of pick-up Wiffle ball.

All of the events and activities are part of MLB’s broader Play Ball initiative. Play Ball is one of Commissioner Rob Manfred’s top priorities and it’s all about bringing kids back to the National Pastime, both as fans and as players. The program helps kids learn about the game and the skills they need to play it, as well as think about baseball as an anytime-anywhere-anyone sport. You don’t need nine players per team and a grassy field to play. At the beach with five buddies? Mark off the bases and you’ve got a game!

Play Ball Weekend sounds like a lot of fun, and if you’re in an MLB city you should definitely check it out. You can find events happening in your area by visiting the Play Ball website.

Photo: Matthew Ziegler/MLB Photos via Getty Images