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Baseball 101: The Fundamentals of Hitting

Major League Baseball’s Play Ball Weekend begins tomorrow, and kids all over the country will be celebrating baseball and learning how to play the game. To help get things started, we have a great demo video from MLB Network analyst and former major leaguer Harold Reynolds.

When Kid Reporter JJ Post visited MLB Network studios last month, we took the opportunity to get some baseball pointers from Reynolds. In this first video, he walks us through the fundamental of hitting: from gripping the bat to standing in the box to finally taking a swing.

Reynolds' tips are perfect for anyone who’s new to playing baseball, but they’re a good refresher for old pros, too!

And in honor of Play Ball Weekend, here’s a bonus pro tip: On this weekend’s episode of Play Ball, airing on MLB Network Saturday, May 14, at 10 a.m. ET, Reynolds talks with Chicago White Sox third baseman about how to play the hot corner. Check out that clip below, and tune in for the whole episode this weekend.

Video: Taylor Ballantine (kid reporter demo)