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Monday Afterschool Special: Funball


Playing Baseball the Fun Way

Major League Baseball’s official initiative to get kids excitied about baseball is Play Ball. But Bryce Harper and YasielPuig — two of the most exciting players in the majors — have another, unofficial program going. They’ve teamed up to try to bring some fun back into a sport loaded with “unwritten rules” about how to play the game “the right way.” 


Madden Covers Through the Years

Putting the Cannon in Boston Cannons

Desperation plays are super exciting — especially when they work! On Saturday, Major League Lacrosse’s Boston Cannons were down a goal with 3.3 seconds left in a game against the Rochester Rattlers. That is, until Brodie Merrill did this: 

(By the way, Boston won in overtime, 15-14.)

Leap of Faith

While we’re talking about incredible individual efforts, check out what Army softball player Kasey McCravey did to get a run during a game on Saturday!


Photos: Twitter (Harper, Wilfork), EA Sports (Madden)