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Friday Afterschool Special: Tradition!


Before we get to today’s post, the editors of Sports Illustrated Kids will be celebrating Memorial Day on Monday so there won’t be an Afterschool Special. We know, we know — we hope you can manage! Enjoy the holiday, and see you next week!

Superstitious Sid

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins earned a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals against the San Jose Sharks by defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning, 2-1, in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Now, tradition dictates that teams don’t touch the conference trophy — otherwise, you’ll jinx the team it won’t win the trophy you do want (the Stanley Cup). Penguins captain Sidney Crosby flies in the face of convention! He not only touched the Prince of Wales Trophy, he carried it around. But he has history on his side: In 2008, he left the trophy untouched and the Pens lost in the Finals. But in 2009, he did touch the trophy and Pittsburgh claimed the Cup.

Crosby is clearly superstitious — as confirmed by the odd start to the post-game press conference last night. (Nobody puts Crosby on the right side!)


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Skateboarding — IN SPACE! (sorta)

Skateboarder Tony Hawk has done pretty much everything you can with a skateboard — on Earth, anyway. So for his next trick, he shredded on the “vomit comet,” an airplane that flies high in the atmosphere on a crazy flight pattern to simulate zero gravity.

Vin Scully’s Field of Dreams

One of the best baseball movies ever is Field of Dreams, which naturally includes one of the best speeches in movies about what makes baseball so special. So, clearly, the speech and legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully need to be connected forever. And last night, thanks to Scully reciting the speech, it happened.

Epic Bat Flip, Bro!

Vin Scully performing Field of Dreams is a home run in my book. So let’s allow University of Miami masher Edger Michelangeli celebrate for all of us with the bat flip to end all bat flips.

Today’s Peanuts

Photo: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images (Penguins)