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10 Questions With...Dwyane Wade

When Dwyane Wade is near the rim, he’s explosive. He’ll drive to the hole for a no look layup or zip down the baseline for a one-hand jam. But the All-Star guard admits to altering his game down low if the hardwood is slippery. “Some courts don’t have good traction, so there’s some sliding because of dust and dirt,” Wade says. “In those cases, I would change my game, maybe rely more on my jump shot that night.”

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Now, the NBA champion and Finals MVP doesn’t worry about adjusting his style of play. D-Wade recently teamed up with Mission Athletecare to endorse Court Grip, a liquid applied to the bottom of sneakers that provides instant traction and helps players move down the floor with ease.

Wade isn’t playing a ton of basketball right now with the postponement of NBA training camps due to the league’s lockout. But challenged Wade to a 10 Questions one-on-one. Check out how well he scored.

What time is your alarm set for?
On average maybe, 7:30. When I’m getting up to take my kids to school my alarm needs to be set for 7:05. But when I’m just going to practice, I’ll get up closer to 8. So I’m somewhere in the middle most of the time.

Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry ice cream?

What was your childhood nickname?
At one point I was trying to be D-Nice. My uncle used to call me Pac-Man when I was younger because I ate everything in site.

If you weren’t an athlete, what would you want to do?
I love sports so I’d still want to be involved in it in some capacity. Maybe an agent or on TV. I’d want to be involved in the game because I’ve always enjoyed basketball.

Why do you wear the jersey number you do?
I picked three when I got to college. I was wearing 25 pretty much my whole life. I wanted a new beginning and fresh start. I thought about what was important in my life, what I pulled from for strength and it was the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. My faith and my belief. Not only is it a cool looking number, but it also means a lot to me.

What is your favorite city to compete in?
New York. It’s the mecca of basketball. I love playing [there]. It’s a different feeling. New York is just another world.

What do you do on days off?
If I’m not doing anything with my kids, I really just try to rest. If I get some me time, I’m resting. I might get a massage. I get mani-pedis. I like to pamper myself! I have to take care of myself.

Who is the greatest athlete of all-time?
I’m going to be biased and say Michael Jordan. He changed the game. He was so dominant.

Who is your best friend in sports?
LeBron James.

What is the last thing that you purchased?
I can’t remember. I don’t go to stores too often. I think it was bodywash!