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NFL building a Snapchat Discover team

The NFL would be the first major sports league to get a spot on SnapChat's Discover page.

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From the puppy dog filter, to Discover channels and even to Live Stories of events like the Grammy Awards, Snapchat has grown into a successful app with more than 100 million active users daily.

Although Snapchat has not added a professional sports league featured on its Discover channel section, there sports events like MLB games, the NBA playoffs and the Super Bowl have been featured prominently. However, it appears that the NFL is jumping on-board for the long haul.

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LinkedIn job posting was discovered stating the NFL is seeking “a managing editor and Snapchat Discover team.

The presumed Discover channel will give the league the ability to not only share snaps, but other pre-made videos and articles as well similar to the ones users see from other Discover channels like People and BuzzFeed.

Those companies that already have an operating Discover channel are strictly media outlets and brands. The NFL would be the first of the professional leagues to make a splash in Snapchat’s Discover space. This is not to say that other leagues (NBA and NHL) have not been pushing for their own channels, because they have.

The NFL’s channel would likely feature bite-sized content seen on its website, including news, game highlights, player profiles and season predictions, to list a few. Although the development of a NFL Discover channel seems promising, the NFL and Snapchat have not confirmed the future partnership or reports.