Sesame Street Brought to You by the Letters “NYCFC”

NYCFC star David Villa loves many things, like scoring beautiful goals and beating Real Madrid. Now it appears he loves the camera, as well. 

Need evidence? Look no further than his appearance on Sesame Street this week. It proves that Villa has just as many skills on the field as he does off. 

In a video that premiered today, Villa stops by Sesame Street to chat it up with Cookie Monster and Rosita and test their fandom. But the Sesame Street crew has a test of their own as they cheer Villa on to a special challenge. Although Villa struggles a bit at first, he finds his bearings and manages to complete the challenge after a bit of encouragement from his fans:

It was special for Cookie and Rosita to have Villa stop by. But the soccer star enjoyed his time on the famous street, too.

“I’m very proud to be able to be a part of the incredible group of athletes who have worked with Sesame Street,” Villa says. “I grew up watching the show and now my children watch the show, so to me, it’s a great honor to join the long list of notable people who have been a part of the historic program.”

This is just the latest kid-focused project Villa has been involved in since moving to the Big Apple. Now that he has traded in the soccer meccas of Madrid and Barcelona for the skyscrapers of New York, Villa has become one of the most visible faces in MLS that’s concerned with youth.

He’s started soccer camps, visited universities, and really brought New York soccer a mainstream friendly face. 

It is often mentioned that MLS is far behind the other professional soccer leagues in the world. But Villa and his exploits are helping bring more kids into soccer in this country and hopefully excavating the next big domestic prodigy.

Not bad for a guest star on Sesame Street

Photo: NYCFC

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