Be a Rangers’ Goalie — Even If You’ve Never Played Hockey!

Goalie VR Simulator Puts You in the Net

I never thought I would be at Madison Square Garden, in the goal, and bracing myself for the first shot from New York Rangers’ center Oscar Lindberg. Yet there I was, on the ice of the World’s Most Famous Arena, getting pummeled by shots. I tried my best to block 100 mph pucks as they flew at me. I’ve never played in an actual hockey game, though, so I knew I this might be tough.

But I also knew I had a chance since this was actually the Rangers’ new Virtual Reality Goalie Experience! 

The game is the world’s first virtual reality goaltender simulator. It’s set up in the MSG concourse between concession stands and gift shops, but it’s way cooler than a hot dog or souvenir cap. It delivers a lifelike glimpse into the Rangers’ locker room, as well as the feeling of being on the ice and facing shots from Rangers’ players as you wear all the goalie gear. 

To play, you stand in front of an actual goalie net while MSG staff outfit you with a VR headset and headphones. Then they put a joystick-like paddle in each hand, and before you know it you’re in the Rangers’ locker room. 

The simulator is a lot of fun, and anyone attending a Rangers playoff game this week at Madison Square Garden can try it out for free. I would encourage everyone to take your shot!

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