Thursday Afterschool Special: Best Buds

Some players bring style to their sport: George "Iceman" Gervin, Pavel "The Magic Man" Datsyuk, and now Charlie. Watch him dance upon reaching first base:

He even has a Jose Bautista-esque batflip down:

Philadelphia seemed like they were finally going to crack 10 wins...72 games into the season. But then Emmanuel Mudiay heaved up this buzzer beater. The 76ers are a ten-game losing streak from finishing the season with single-digit wins. 

After King James expressed interest in eventually taking a pay cut to play on a team with friends Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade, Melo reciprocated the sentiment, saying he too would take less money to make it happen. I'm looking forward to the Cavaliers becoming an old guys All-Star team for James and his best buddies, and that team winning a championship.

(Photo credit: Tim Defrisco/NBAE/Getty Images)

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