Monday Afterschool Special: March Madness!

The NCAA men's basketball tournament is upon us. You can download and print your bracket here. And then read some quick thoughts on the match-ups here. Worried that you don't know enough about the college game to fill out an entire bracket? Try picking teams based on a funny criterion, like mascots or jerseys. Our guide to picking based on uniform color is below:

The Brewers baseball glove logo is the greatest of all-time

Garfield Heights and St. Ignatius, two Cleveland high schools, had a heck of a regional final game Saturday. Ultimately, Garfield Heights' Bulldogs would beat St. Ignatius's Wildcats, 70–69, but not before five buzzer-beating shots. That may seem impossible in a four-quarter sport, but two overtime periods helped extend the dramatics. Here's the most impressive of the five shots, this one made as the third quarter ended:

(Photo credit: Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

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