Tuesday Afterschool Special: Let the Wookiee Win

This weekend's NHL All-Star Game in Nashville featured all sorts of exciting and touching moments. John Scott, the enforcer who had been voted into the game as a joke and nearly forced out by the NHL, led the Pacific Division team to a tournament victory. He scored two goals, got in a "fight" with Patrick Kane, and won MVP honors thanks to a massive write-in voting campaign on social media.

The event ended, fittingly, with Scott being carried off on the shoulders of his teammates:

John Scott didn't have all the fun, though. Brent Burns entertained fans during the breakaway portion of the Skills Competition on Saturday. On his first attempt, Burns's son, wearing a "Lil Burns" jersey, scored. Then Burns scored in a Wookiee mask, a reference to his ever-increasing hairiness

Yitzi Teichman, an 18-year-old Lakers fan currently fighting brain cancer, lived out a dream Sunday when the team signed him to a one-day contract. After getting introduced by Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak at a press conference, the teen took some shots with the players before the game.


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