Q&A with Adam Hicks from Disney XD's "Zeke and Luther"

As one of the main characters on the popular Disney XD show “Zeke and Luther,” actor Adam Hicks, who plays Luther, is a star in his own right. But even Hicks was a little starstruck when skateboarding legend Tony Hawk appeared on set for a guest role on “Zeke and Luther.” In the episode, which airs at 8:30 p.m. on October 25 on Disney XD, Hicks and costar Hutch Dano, who plays Zeke, try to track down Hawk so that they can skate with him. SI Kids caught up with Hicks recently to chat about skateboarding, meeting Tony Hawk, and what fans can expect from this season of “Zeke and Luther.” (Pictures and video after the jump)

Q.  What was it like working with Tony Hawk on this episode?
A. It was crazy. I watched Tony Hawk growing up. I watched the 900, everything. To just meet him in person was big enough and then to actually skateboard with him was incredible. He was giving us tips on what to do. I was like “Man, I grew up with this guy, and now he’s next to me on my show."

Q. How was Tony as an actor?
A. He was pulling it off. I was loving it. A lot of his stuff was, of course, skateboarding. So that wasn’t hard. But then he had a lot of scenes that had back and forth [dialogue], and he really nailed it.

Q. What was your background in skateboarding before you started working on this show?
A. I had skateboarded for a couple of years. When I went in to audition, they asked me if I skateboarded. I was like yeah, but it wasn’t really a big test of skateboarding. Once they booked the show we started working with a lot of professionals and becoming better and better.



What kind of new tricks have you learned since starting the show?
A. Jimmy, the choreographer for everything skatewise, taught me 360 flips, varials flips, double heelflip, double kickflip. Crazy tricks that I can impress people with. [Laughs.]

Q. The episode with Tony Hawk is all about accomplishing the items on your “Bro List.” What’s on your personal “Bro List”?
A. I want to go sky diving. I had a couple friends who went to hawaii for a vacation and went sky diving. It looked incredible. When I finally stop being so scared, it’s definitely something that I would like to do.

Q. Are you a big sports fan?
A. I like to watch football. I live in Las Vegas, and all my friends are big into football and baseball. With baseball, I got to go to a Phillies game because a friend of mine is friends with the head of the Phillies. Just to be able to sit so close was a good experience.

Q. What teams do people from Las Vegas root for?
A. Honestly, we’re a terrible excuse for a fan. We have nothing. We have college and that’s it. People out here just freelance. We just go with whoever floats our boat. You’ll find different fans for different games out here.

Q. What else can fans expect from this season of “Zeke and Luther”?
A. Definitely loads of comedy. Loads of outrageous stunts. Crazy story lines. It’s definitely all going to be there.

Watch a clip from the episode of "Zeke and Luther," featuring Tony Hawk. The show airs on October 25 at 8:30 p.m. on Disney XD


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