Nike Lil' Dez "Congrats Kobe" Big Nike & Tee

What did Kobe Bryant get as a reward for winning his fourth NBA Championship this past summer?

A congratulatory sneaker/t-shirt combo, courtesy of rapping sidekick Lil' Dez.

These Kool-Aid-red Nike Big Nike's are as cool a custom-release as I've seen in some time. From the "Congrats Kobe" signature on the side of the shoe, to the "Lil Dez" bubble-lettering on the heel and graphic print-tongue, they pretty much ooze awesome.

Bit it's the matching Lil' Dez tee that has your's truly really, reaaaaaally excited. Aside from being  amazing in its own right, the fact that the tee matches the sneaks means two-thirds of getting dressed in the morning has been taken care of for you! All you've gotta do is pick out a pair of jeans. :)

Check below for more shots of the "Congrats Kobe" pack.

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