This spring, Sports Illustrated Kids, in partnership with C&R Research, conducted a survey of kids from across the U.S. to find out how they feel about issues related to sports and the world around them. We interviewed more than 1,000 kids to get a broad picture of what's on their minds. Here are some of the results, and to find out more about what kids think, be sure to check out the July 2009 issue of SI Kids magazine with Dustin Pedroia on the cover.



  42% of kids would like to participate in more sports









Top 10 organized sports teams teams that kids play for

1. Basketball

2. Soccer

3. Baseball

4. Football

5. Softball

6. Swimming

7. Volleyball

8. Track/Running

9. Gymnastics

10. Tennis



70% of kids have seen parents shout too loudly from the stands, and 32% of kids have seen parents argue with coaches.



  50% of kids think that action sports like BMX and skateboarding
  are becoming more popular.








When would you rather have playoff games on TV?

-Weekend--at night.....48%

-Weekend--during the day.....36%

-After school--before dinner.....9%

-School night--after dinner until bed time.....7%



  The Super Bowl is the favorite championship to watch for 46%
  of kids.








19% of kids feel that the biggest problem in professional sports is that
the cost of tickets for games is too expensive.








  On average, kids spend nearly 2.75 hours playing organized sports
  and more than 1.5 hours watching sports on TV.



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